Hello world!

My first blog post……

So…..hell has frozen over and I’ve finally started a security blog.  My name Aaron aka T0b0rX0r and x0rsecurity.com is my home away from  This blog was setup to host my tutorials, exploits, CTF walk throughs and generally my thoughts on security. I am technology professional based out of the Los Angeles region.  I’ve worked in information technology for 17 years and as of late been focusing on infosec.  I have a background that includes a bachelors in Computer Science from USC, a masters in technology as well as being certified as Offensive Security Certified Processional (OSCP), a Certified Information Security Professional(CISSP),  and a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

I’ll be working to keep this site up to date with a new article once a week (atleast). I can be reached over twitter (@t0b0rx0r) and on linked-in.  I also host my code (generally exploits) on github  (http://www.github.com/t0b0rx0r) .